Primed and Ready….(?)

30 Jun

Last night we went to Sherwin Williams to take advantage of their 25% off paint sale that is good through Saturday.  Finding that sale on their website yesterday was about the most exciting thing that has happened to me this week – which is what my life has apparently become.  After finally figuring out the difference between eggshell and glossy, latex and oil and pro, duration and harmony, we were sufficiently confused but able to settle on 1 can of of primer, 1 can of (accessible) beige for the walls, (softened) green for the cabinets, and white (marshmallow) for the trim.

Totally sick of take-out but you don’t have many other choices when you’re going straight from work to a house with no active heating source.  Chinese on the porch it was.  After that we were able to tape and prime the entire kitchen.  Now priming is by no means pretty when it’s done, but it’s at least prettier than the layers of paint, drywall paper and wrapping paper (yes, seriously wrapping paper) that covered our kitchen before.

Next stop, tiling.  Woo!


One Response to “Primed and Ready….(?)”

  1. Ryan July 1, 2010 at 5:59 pm #

    Sherwin Williams, good stuff. I approve of their paint. Keep it UP!

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