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Movers and Shakers

27 Jul

Phew!  Talk about picking the wrong weekend to move.  First we got the unfortunate news that members of our moving crew were on the DL and had to find replacements, then it stormed so hard we were afraid our house was going to float away, but by the time we actually started moving it was 90 degrees out again.

I apologize for the lengthy amount of time between posts, but I’ve been busy.  Very, very busy.  Last week, with help of my friends, I packed 90% of my apartment – including 10 boxes of books, 15 boxes of kitchenware, and God knows how many bags and boxes of clothes and shoes.  It was Matt’s job to get the house ready to have things moved in.  Moving on Saturday came and went without a hitch, until we were told that we wouldn’t have full electrical service installed for several more days….

…Several days later we are still sleeping in our dining room which is the only room with A/C.  Also running on that same extension cord is:

1 TV

1 Refrigerator

1 lamp

2 cell phones being charged

Not having power upstairs has also made it hard for us to unpack and get ready in the morning.  Also, did you know that hot water heaters have to be turned on?  Yeah, neither did we.  Thanks, People’s Gas for clearing that up after 2 mornings of cold showers.