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Spiders and Snakes and Roofs, Oh My!

23 Jun

Day Two of work is complete.  Let me start of by saying that central air, or air conditioning period is an underrated amenity and that I am currently living the glamorous life in my apartment.

Got to the house around 10 or so with a car full of cleaning supplies and tools only to find out that Dad Ek was already there with an entire SUV full of supplies including a lawn mower – one of those things I’ve never considered having to own.  The boys got to work in the back weed wacking and mowing and I started scrubbing down the fridge so that we would have proper refrigeration for the cases of water, beer and pop that we will inevitably go through this summer.  Check out the before and after pics of the back of the yard – we do have a wall back there!  Oh, I was also informed that we have our first pet – a lovely black snake.

We got sweatier and sweatier as the day progressed but were able to accomplish a lot scrubbing, killing daddy long legs, and removal of curtains, doors, carpet and fixtures.  We walked a few electricians few – estimates forthcoming.  Overall the day was great until we found out that our roof estimate is most likely going to be a lot more than expected.

Which, of course, is cutting into the kitchen budget.  Goodbye shiny, new kitchen cabinets, Hello new paint, hardware and sanding.  Let’s find out if those kitchen rehabs with very small budgets on HGTV are applicable to the real world.

We’ll be checking out tile tonight for our counters and floors and will be back to work on Saturday working on removing cabinets, old tile and wallpaper.


The Beginning of the Beginning

21 Jun

And so it begins…..  We closed on our cute, frame fixer upper today.  Excitement went to fear in a hurry as we walked through the house this time knowing that everything was ours from the beautiful pine floors, to the too small kitchen and the asbestos tiles lurking beneath it.   We have decided to keep a blog for home project as much so that we can hopefully impart some wisdom on other brave souls like ourselves, but also so that we have a record of everything and can look back at our work someday and be proud of our accomplishments.

Day One we took some basic measurements of the downstairs, picked up the color wheel from Sherwin Williams and started to unearth 2 layers of old, vinyl tiles from the kitchen to find out if maybe, just maybe we have pine floors under that mess.  The jury is still out.  What do you think?Prayer for wood