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Movers and Shakers

27 Jul

Phew!  Talk about picking the wrong weekend to move.  First we got the unfortunate news that members of our moving crew were on the DL and had to find replacements, then it stormed so hard we were afraid our house was going to float away, but by the time we actually started moving it was 90 degrees out again.

I apologize for the lengthy amount of time between posts, but I’ve been busy.  Very, very busy.  Last week, with help of my friends, I packed 90% of my apartment – including 10 boxes of books, 15 boxes of kitchenware, and God knows how many bags and boxes of clothes and shoes.  It was Matt’s job to get the house ready to have things moved in.  Moving on Saturday came and went without a hitch, until we were told that we wouldn’t have full electrical service installed for several more days….

…Several days later we are still sleeping in our dining room which is the only room with A/C.  Also running on that same extension cord is:

1 TV

1 Refrigerator

1 lamp

2 cell phones being charged

Not having power upstairs has also made it hard for us to unpack and get ready in the morning.  Also, did you know that hot water heaters have to be turned on?  Yeah, neither did we.  Thanks, People’s Gas for clearing that up after 2 mornings of cold showers.


Don’t They Pay People to Do That?

5 Jul

Since the long weekend began, we have spent approximately 5 hours at Home Depot (this is over the course of 3 trips), and 30 hours at the house doing work.  We have accomplished some things for all of this work.  For starters, we are the proud owners of a Home Depot credit card – Woo!  We have also successfully covered up or taken down most of the previous ownner’s “design elements.”

Thursday Night:  Picked out kitchen cabinets (20% off) and tiles for the kitchen, mudroom and entry way.  Got nickel and dimed on adhesive, screws and hardie backer.  Went to rent the truck only to find out that it was too late because the store was closing in 30 minutes.  Left frustrated.

Friday afternoon:  Resumed at Home Depot.  Found our dolly (that held our entire kitchen) still in tact. Found out more good news that with a Home Depot account not only do you get no financing for 12 months, but they give you an hour of free truck rental too!  Rented said truck, unloaded everything into the house (well, Matt did, I’m apparently not strong to lift either boxes of tiles or cabinetry.)  Friend Reed came over and assisted Matt with beer drinking, laying hardie backer and removing the range.  I pounded down staples in the old tile with a hammer (me woman, hear me roar) and left before it got too late.  The following morning, Matt got up early and met his brothers at the house for a very full day of bad jokes, cut-off shirts and a tile saw.  By the time I got there they had made great progress on the floor and Dad Ekwinski had removed the giant evergreen bush and sprayed weeds (essentially the entire yard).  I showed up, made the sure the boys stayed full and hydrated and protected from UV rays.  I also sanded the cabinets and got them prepared for a prime and paint job.

Sunday:  This was supposed to be our day off but not surprisingly this did not happen.  Matt finished up tiling – with the exception of the last piece that does not want to be even.  We also (finally) installed 2 A/C window units which was essential for the 90 plus weather.  I worked on priming the cabinets and listening to fantastic old mixed CDs from college.

I sit here now, typing this, rushing through because we have to get back out to the house in the next hour to clean up and prepare for friend who are coming to help us paint.  I can’t say that it was the best way to spend a long, holiday weekend but hopefully this time next year we will have friends over to BBQ in our back yard!