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All Good (and bad) Things Must Come to an End

29 Jun

This weekend many things ended – the White Sox winning streak, my carefree life as a renter (although I didn’t realize it at the time), and the lifespan of 2 layers of wallpaper, one layer of tile, and cabinets that date back to World War I.

Most of the work done this weekend was done by the man of the house, his dad and his brothers.  They were able to remove cabinetry, a layer of tile and tiger off a lot of flower patterned wall paper.  We were basically left with a lot of weird colored dry wall, kitchen dimensions that aren’t ideal to unfinished cabinets, and super funky smelling adhesive on the floors.  Also we discovered that the bench we were hoping to remove in the breakfast nook is most definitely staying…since it’s part of the structure of the of the house….

My brother made a brief appearance with 2 full boxes of cleaning supplies, there were several more contractors out to give us quotes on jobs, a door removed, the first injury (nothing like making your dad get a tetanus shot during repairs) and a lot of water drank.

On Saturday night I was scared, by Sunday I was feeling better about the demo of the kitchen and the fact that we were one layer of tile and 3 coats of paint away from having a much nicer home.

We have decided to purchase unfinished cabinets from Home Depot and sand, prime and paint in Sherwin Williams ‘Softened Green’.  We’ll be laying our own tile – Home Depot’s ‘Biltmore Grey’ which are large 18 x 18 tiles in a diagonal pattern.  The walls will be in ‘Accessible Beige’ and the trim ‘Marshmallow.’  Our plan for the counters is to actually granite tiles to go for an upgrade at a super affordable price.

There’s many more rooms to paint and and organize layouts for but for now I’ve decided to take a step back and focus on the kitchen to have it done before the big move in date.

As a side note, the neighbors in our new ‘hood are amazing.  We’ve already been given an air conditioning unit, conduit wire, been offered tools and been invited to the neighborhood ice cream social.  All of these things helped confirm our decision to go a little further west to be in an established community.  We may be compromising a bit on distance to where we like to eat (and drink), but based on our initial impression the tightness of the block and neighborhood in general will be worth that compromise.

Check out the flickr photos to the left to see what has become of our kitchen!  Hopefully there will be more ‘after’ photos to view after the holiday weekend.